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Monday, April 1, 2013

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“Ever since I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, I had a desire to get my master’s degree,” said 2012 MSCJ graduate Shawn Kudron.
“Personally, I had an interest in furthering my education, and professionally, a master’s degree could allow me to further my career.”

Shawn is a Captain and the Field Services Bureau Director for the La Crosse Police Department in Wisconsin and wanted to complete his degree online. “I liked the format that UW-Platteville offered. It really came down to convenience and the fact that I could complete my degree working on my classes at night and on the weekend.”

Shawn Kudron
 “Shawn was a student who wanted not only to learn, but also to take what he learned to become a better leader,” said Jerry Schuetz, Shawn’s Criminal Justice Administration instructor. “Shawn recognized that the more he put into his educational experience, the more he would get out of it.”  

“I think that completing my degree really allowed me to develop a broader base of understanding topics within the criminal justice system and profession,” Shawn said.

In addition to earning his master’s degree, in 2010, Shawn attended the FBI National Academy, a 10-week professional course for law enforcement leaders. Participants must be nominated and then invited to the program which seeks to improve law enforcement administration, standards, knowledge, and cooperation domestically and abroad.   

Shawn also completed the Wisconsin Certified Public Manager Program through UW-Madison Continuing Studies—a nationally accredited professional development program for public managers.

And he’s not through learning. “I’m going to continue to seek educational opportunities and really improve at being a leader in the criminal justice system,” Shawn said.

                                                                                                                                          --Cheryl Lange


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