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Friday, April 5, 2013

Whether you need just a few general education credits (also known as gen eds) or you need everything from English to science, our relationship with UW-Colleges is one resource available to help you meet those requirements.

Talk with your advisor about how this option can help you complete your program plan. Note that you must also enroll in a UW-Platteville course for any semester you are enrolled in a UW-Colleges Online course.

For your convenience, you can register for UW-Colleges Online courses in PASS. You will see all offerings in the Course Subject Lookup under UWC.

What you need to know before registering:
  • You must be admitted as a UW-Platteville undergraduate degree-seeking student. 
  • You must enroll in at least one UW-Platteville course (online or print based) for the term before adding a UW-Colleges Online course to your registration. 
  • Registrations are submitted to UW-Colleges Online after we receive your full tuition payment and/or financial aid or military benefits confirmation. 
  • UW-Colleges Online requires that you participate within the first two days after the course start date by completing a copyright agreement for each of your courses. Failure to do so will result in an automatic administrative withdrawal from the course. 
  • To receive credit ā€“ and for your grade to be posted in PASS, you must earn at least a ā€˜Cā€™ and have a transcript sent to UW-Platteville. 
Please contact us at 800.362.5460 or with questions or more information.


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