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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Advisor Kelly Curtiss
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How is your semester going?

The semester is already half over. Do you feel you are on top of things, or are you starting to feel overwhelmed? The advising team encourages you to take some time to evaluate how you are doing in your coursework. Some instructors calculate and post mid-term grades in D2L. Log into the Grades area of each of your online courses to be sure you know where you stand. If you have questions or concerns, a phone call to your instructor may help you approach the second half of the semester with new insights.

If a phone conversation is difficult to arrange, use e-mail or your course discussion board. Other students may have similar questions and concerns, and the instructor may choose to provide a response to the entire class.

Sometimes, a little self-evaluation and perspective is just what we need mid-way through a course. Review these Keys to Success in a Distance Degree Program and look for ways to give yourself a boost.

And, of course, whether you need advice or an attentive ear, we are available to talk things over. Don’t hesitate to seek support through any of these means. We want to help you succeed!


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