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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Part of "The Great '-ate's" blog series

By Stephanie Cooley

There are many places on your journey to an online degree where you will need to evaluate something or someone—including yourself. You definitely need to use this skill when selecting your major and the school from which you wish to obtain your degree. But that is just the beginning.

During each course, you will need to regularly evaluate your progress. Make sure you stay in touch with your instructor on a regular basis. If you don’t understand an assignment, ask questions. Periodically reread the course objectives to make sure you are learning what the instructor feels are important outcomes for the course. Look for real-world applications for the material you are learning. This will help you remember it and motivate you to continue working on your degree.

There is another very important evaluation that you can do, if asked. At the end of every semester, we ask our students to complete a survey for the course that they just completed. The results of these surveys are not tabulated until after the grades are submitted, and are completely anonymous. Our students are asked to evaluate both the course itself and their instructor. We use this information to make decisions when trying to improve the quality of the course and when hiring—or not hiring—instructors. I know that sometimes surveys can be tedious. But you are the best judge of whether a course is successful or not and you should use the opportunity to communicate this information.

If I was more creative, I would be able to think of a way to stretch this series into eight articles, in keeping with the theme. And although there are many more words which might apply, I have run out of material. So I will leave you with one last thought…

If you investigate, coordinate, dedicate, communicate, motivate, and evaluate, one day you will definitely GRADUATE and then you can CELEBRATE!!

Look at that—we did make it to eight.

About this series

Being an online student can be trying at times. We want to give you the knowledge and knowhow to navigate the waters of distance education. This continuing series, which builds upon words that end in “-ate,” is meant to offer tips and techniques for those interested in distance education, as well as for those who are current distance students.

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