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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

By Ian Clark

Not many of us want to hear what we’re doing wrong. Personally, my favorite type of comments to hear are “nice job,” “good work” and “keep it up.” But do these comments make me any better at my job, and do they give me any indication of how I can improve?

How we handle criticism is a matter of perspective. For the majority of us, it’s easy to get a little frustrated at the first sign of criticism, but again, what does that frustration do for us? In my search for articles that might inspire students, I came across “The Gift of Criticism” by Judy Umlas, part of the Voices on Project Management blog offered by the Project Management Institute.

This school of thought applies to all of us, not just project managers, but Judy happens to find her best example in one of UWP’s project management faculty members, Ginger Levin.

It’s a quick read with a lasting message. Take a look; it might just make a difference in your day.



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