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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

By Amy Nemmetz, BSCJ Coordinator

Have you heard of the Royal Potty?! This awesome invention is a toddler’s potty chair that plays a tune when a liquid or solid (I don’t need to be more specific, right?) touches the sensors on the base of the bowl. You remember the horn sound that often accompanies the arrival of the king in cartoons, right? The sound immediately brings a smile to the toddler and parent’s face! By now you must be wondering if motherhood has clogged my senses. You may also be pondering ‘where’ I may be headed with this blog! Here’s my point:

Making the decision to return to school often brings mixed emotions. Although, many people are a little anxious about what lies ahead, the majority of learners are excited to work toward their goal of earning their diploma! However, after the first semester of classes, the excitement may shift to questions like “what was I thinking?” and “how will I possibly keep up with my school work and other commitments?”

After completing my master’s degree at a distance and currently nearing the end of my online PhD coursework, I can honestly tell you that YOU CAN DO IT! The key to reaching your goals isn’t sending your children to boarding school and booking your partner to Antarctica! Rather, the way to keep your goals in clear view is to celebrate successes along the way by rewarding yourself when you tackle obstacles. Unfortunately, we seem to be embarrassed to talk about and celebrate successes.

Although, the Royal Potty may not be in store for you at this stage of the game, find something or someone to celebrate your successes and remember to reward yourself for your accomplishments. After all, each semester is one term closer to earning your diploma. So, how will you celebrate and reward yourself for a job well done? Will you read a book for fun between semesters or schedule a massage or simply take a nap on the weekend without feeling guilty? As Peter Drucker once said, “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”



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