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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

By Samantha Brehm

The weather is getting warmer. The yard work is piling up, your taxes still aren’t done, home improvements are inevitable, and the family vacation plans need to be made. But you have to think about classes and your upcoming finals. A little stressed? Well there is a simple solution to calm your stress and help you study.

GET SOME SUN! According to an article on the, “Heath Expressions,” website, individuals who receive ample exposure to sun are in a better mood and are more productive. The article explains that simply exposing yourself to more sunlight can dramatically improve your mood and make you feel more energized.

But how are you supposed to get more exposure to the sun when you work all day and you have 3 papers to write and a test everyday for the next two weeks? Well the answer is simple. Just slightly change your daily routine to include more sunlight.
  • Drive with your window down
  • Open the shades in your house
  • Park farther away from the office/school
  • Walk to work/school
  • Eat or take your break outside
  • Walk your dog two extra blocks every day
  • Exercise outside

Take the small effort to change your routine and you will experience the big effects. By getting a little extra sun every day, you won’t feel as mad/sick/upset about being inside writing a paper and you will be ready to tackle whatever school or life throws your way.

Be sure to visit the Health Expressions website for more tips to improve your stress and overall health.



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