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Thursday, July 17, 2008

By Charles Christison, Instructional Designer

Are you one of those people always on the run? As you run from one errand or meeting to the next, do you often think you should make a note of something to remember, only to have your thought lost in your busy schedule? I often do. I came across a tool that helps me track my thoughts, called Jott. Jott uses different technologies by merging cell phones, email, and text messaging in a unique and useful way. Jott is currently a free service to which you subscribe online. During your account configuration, you identify your contacts and your cell phone number.

How does Jott work? You call its toll-free number and its automated voice system recognizes your phone, and asks you, "Who do you want to jott?" You respond with a name of someone on your contact list and, at the beep, you leave a message. Jott converts your spoken word into a text message and sends it to the contact that you identified. If your contact is identified with a cell phone number, Jott will send that phone number the text message. If your contact is identified with an email address, then Jott will send that email address the text message along with a link to the audio message.

Jott allows you to remind yourself or others when you're not able to make note on paper. For example: You're in your favorite store and have a thought for your presentation next week.After calling and sending a message to yourself, you will find an email with your memo in your email inbox when you get back to the office. You can also have Jott send reminders to you for upcoming events such as birthdays. You can configure a contact with a group of people. By sending a message to that contact, all people in the group will receive the message.

I'm still discovering all the features Jott offers. For more information, visit Jott's web site. If you decide to use it, please let me know your thoughts.



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