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Monday, June 23, 2008

By Travis Courtney, Student Services Coordinator

Not as familiar with our web site as you would like to be? Are you away from your home computer and your convenient list of bookmarks? Tired of scrolling through the results listing of the typical site search function? No problem! Let the Distance Learning Center’s "Virtual Advisor" do the work for you! Simply ask a question in your own words and gain immediate access to the information you're looking for within seconds, all without having to navigate through pages of web content. Each user has the ability to ask their own questions, pick from a list of questions related those just asked, browse a list of pre-populated topic areas and provide feedback regarding how useful the answer was that they received.

Although the tool has quickly become a popular alternative allowing our students to receive prompt and accurate feedback, it is not a replacement for -- but a supplement to -- contacting our Student Services Team. We still strongly encourages all students to contact us by phone; however, we are excited that this resource has allowed our web visitors to find what they’re looking for more quickly and effectively. Try it out today here.

Please send comments and feedback to Travis Courtney in the Distance Learning Center at



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