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Monday, June 30, 2008

By Dawn Wheeler, student
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Program

After voluntarily signing up for two demanding, writing-intensive summer school classes, I've decided that I must be a little bit crazy. If I'm not there yet, trying to keep up with the workload over these next several weeks may do it. The only excuse I have for putting myself in this situation to begin with is that I've grown impatient.

I've been working toward my bachelor's degree since 1999, when I began taking one or two classes each semester at the local community college. That was where I discovered the convenience of online classes, so making the decision to transfer to the distance education program at UW-Platteville in January, 2005 was easy. The online program offers everything I was looking for -- it's award-winning, accredited, and offers a business administration degree with an emphasis in human resources. Perfect! The hard part is working full-time, finding time for family, friends and other interests, and continuously plugging away at a degree.

I've noticed that I go through phases where I alternate between being at peace with the progress I've made toward obtaining that all too important piece of paper, and being annoyed that I'm not finished yet. The anxiety increases exponentially every time I review my degree plan to determine which classes I'll enroll in next. When I went through that process this past spring, I realized I could conceivably finish my degree in two years, if (in addition to the usual spring and fall semester classes) I double-up on summer school classes and take two print courses during semester breaks. Crazy, right? Honestly, it didn't seem like such a bad idea at the time.

Thankfully, I realize the frustration I'm feeling now will pass. I will be grateful to be six credits closer to my goal when I turn in my final assignments in August, and the agony of this semester will be a distant memory when I order the print classes and register for two summer school classes again next year. I also realize I'm among good company and that many of you are sharing this experience as you juggle work, school, and life, too. Good luck to all of you. Perhaps we can get a bulk order discount on straitjackets.

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