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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

by Travis Courtney, Student Services Coordinator

Choosing an institution and finding the right program are all struggles that distance learning students face when getting started on the completion of their degree. Many people would probably be shocked to know how many distance learners fail to keep in contact with their institution.

As a member of the Distance Learning Center's Student Services and Retention staff, I'm always looking for new ways to connect with students. Not everyone prefers the phone, many of us are tiring of email surplus, and web sites are no substitute for a personal contact.

You've chosen and begun the completion of your degree. Now finish your goal and use us to accomplish it. One of the greatest risks distance learners face after beginning a program is stopping out. Because it's not always possible for you to benefit from the physical atmosphere of the UWP campus, it is very important that you stay connected with the distance learning faculty and staff. You're welcome to contact us for anything. Seriously, anything. Just keep in touch!

Whether you prefer to use the telephone, blogs, rss feeds, instant messenger, webcasts, or email to stay connected, keep in touch. If you have suggestions for additional tools that would make it easier for you to keep in touch, please let us know!



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