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Monday, September 10, 2007

by Dan Chlebos, Alumnus of the Criminal Justice Masters Program

I'm terrible at predicting the future. Frankly, if I were good at it I would be lounging on some beach right now. So the question becomes what can do we do about the future? Some may choose to ride it out, while others plan for it. When planning for the future, a person's education should be of paramount concern.

The truth of the matter is we live in a time of history where education is important and not just rhetoric. Decades ago, one could walk into most any employment setting with just a high school diploma and with minimal qualifications, be hired. Such is not the case today. Employers are looking for people that have taken the initiative to better themselves. They want people who are self-motivated and willing to show they have what it takes to move forward and not be satisfied with the status quo.

Another thing to consider is what the employment market is like today. Unemployment is escalating and the job pool of qualified people is increasing along with it. If you were an employer, who would you want on your team?

One thing that will help better your chances of landing a job or promotion is your level of education. This may be a stretch but look at the fast food chain of McDonald's. What they have done to enhance their market share is excite their customer; other similar fast food stores have only satisfied their customers. The difference is McDonald's gives their customers more than they expect. They brought playgrounds inside for the youngsters, placed toys in kid's meals and to top it off have a well-known clown. Others simply provided what was expected; in turn their customers are merely satisfied and not excited.

Moral to the story is excite your employer or potential employer. Give them what others don't haveā€”an education from a school (UWP) with a known reputation for excellence.

At one time I was under the impression my credentials would open doors. Truthfully, some doors did open, but here are some doors, that without my UWP masters degree, would have never opened: adjunct professor at a university, promotion and several pay raises at my full time job, enhanced credentials and respect within the criminal justice community and most importantly, self satisfaction and enrichment.

Lock the future in with a degree from UWP. This should be our message to others as alumnae.



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