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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I consider myself a pretty young, hip guy who’s up to speed on technology. At the very least, I don’t fear the speed of technological advancement. But, I do have to say that the speed at which new technologies are emerging is incredible. In the course of a month, I found myself “uncool” among my friends for having never used YouTube or not having a Facebook account. So, long story short, I went out to the websites to see what they were all about.

Incredible. I now find myself using YouTube to store family videos and connecting with friends and colleagues on Facebook almost daily. I encourage all of you to at least look at what’s out there. It’s free and I’m confident that almost all of you could find a way to use these tools in your current jobs. At UWP, we’re looking at ways to incorporate these new technologies into the classroom to enhance the learning experience. As new technologies emerge, let us know so we can see how it fits into the educational picture. The rate of emerging technology is only going to increase. Follow the link below to an incredible video by Dr. Wesch of Kansas State University that introduces the technology revolution and how we'll need to rethink some things (4m 33sec long).
Web 2.0: The Machine is Us/ing Us



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