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Thursday, May 10, 2007

By Vic Baez, Alumni Advisory Board

As the summer is getting underway and I am enjoying once again planning fun activities, I am also reflecting on the last two summers and my lack of free time while finishing my Master of Engineering degree. While I was working on my degree, I learned some valuable lessons to ease the way.

If you are uncertain about the scope of an online assignment, don't hesitate to contact the professor AND other classmates. They are usually more than happy to assist. Otherwise you will waste precious time going overboard or in the wrong direction.

When working on group projects, remain vigilant in insisting your fellow group members follow the assignment and adhere to proper rules of citation. Be clear and assertive about the importance of this.

Once you have your textbook, take the time to get familiar with the CD or publisher's web site for useful information. There are many insightful directions, answers, and solutions.

Make sure you communicate with your advisor so you take courses in the best order for comprehension of material. It matters.

Hang tough. Even though you may give up some summer events, know that soon you will be back to leisurely evenings sipping cold drinks!

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