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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Our new web site includes information in each degree program for student profiles. Working adults often need more information so they can make an informed decision on whether or not to enroll in an online or distance education program. Personal feedback is more important than ever, and the best vantage point comes from the real-life stories of working adults who are currently enrolled in our distance education programs. There is nothing more powerful than the personal message derived from experience.

Current students help us build and extend the value of our brand. The distance education marketing team at UWP understands how important it is to determine the most important decision-making factors that influence adult learners. Further, we know that what the team may think is important and what the prospective student thinks is valuable are often two different things.

Adult consumers are tired of big, fancy, complicated marketing messages and are seeking small, simple, and straightforward information. Human interest stories do help others make an educated decision. Are you interested in sharing your own real-life story so that prospective students can learn the benefits of the program and what to expect? Prospective students need to see themselves in your shoes to truly understand that they can balance the demands of working and going to school.

Our students don’t want sales gimmicks; rather, they just want the honest facts. If you would like to be a resource by offering your story, please contact and we will contact you for an interview! The incredible power of word of mouth is a win-win for everyone! Here’s your chance to make a lasting impression. Your peers will appreciate the integrity of your story. Contact us today!



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